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Julie & Chase | Holi Powder Atlanta Engagement Photography

We like to be friends with our wedding photography clients on Facebook, because, let’s face it, we like being friends! We think part of our job of being southern wedding photographers is developing a true friendship with our clients. And sometimes, we get to see when your own friends or family get engaged. And that brings us to Julie and Chase. Julie is Ashley’s sister (who just had a wedding at Cenita Vineyards). To propose, Chase had the family grab a camcorder while he jumped out of a box at Christmas. Priceless. But even more awesome than the box, was the super sweet note he wrote on the outside of it. (Julie showed it to us when we met before their Atlanta engagement photography session.) Adorable.

Fast forward through all the details and we arrive at the most amazing day for an engagement session. It was the perfect temperature outside and overcast. They had plans for a holi powder engagement session (colored powder like you would see at races and runs). We love the thrill of showing up at a new location that no photographer has ever had the chance to visit (which is why we let our clients drive the engagement session planning boat). Julie has a gracious friend who owns a powder coating business in an awesome warehouse. Even though we knew they wanted to get messy, we started out with some warm-up photos that were a little bit more traditional.

Okay! So! (this is my excited voice!!) The light was amazing. This couple is absolutely stunning. And the early March weather was incredible. It was the perfect storm. We l.o.v.e this session and how it turned out. Okay!!! On to the good stuff. Gaahhh! So excited!

Believe it or not, those were the warmup photos. Yeah. We were in perfect photography heaven.

There were these old gas pumps just outside the warehouse (used by a nearby business). We just couldn’t resist at least walking by to take a look. Sometimes detail shots add the perfect touch of ambiance.
Since we were all warmed up (creatively…we were a tad chilly physically ;)), we headed back to the warehouse to get some photos of this adorable couple just hanging out together.
Are they not the cutest couple you’ve ever seen?
Yeah, we think so, too. And we just adore this next photo so much, we even posted an unedited one on Facebook.
And how about another detail? (could it be a foreshadowing?)
A quick change of outfit prompted a few different emotions from this sweet and totally laid back couple. I love how they were just themselves the whole time.
And now…….on to the fun colorful party!
It was a blast!! There were lots of surprises along the way and “special touches” like that blue hand print on Chase’s shirt. 😉
I just absolutely adore this next photo. She’s holding a tiny little canvas up in front of her face like it’s going to protect her from that cloud of orange. 😛
We got a few photos for their Save The Dates.
Pretty sure Chase only threw red powder. I think Julie took all the other colors and threw them on Chase. He’s looking a bit like Rainbow Bright if you ask me…
It was a blast, but we easily convinced this sweet couple to lay down on the dirty floor covered in powder. There definitely wasn’t any arguing when they found out they got to cuddle for the last portion of the session.:)


Julie and Chase,

We just adored hanging out with the two of you during your Atlanta engagement photography session! We can’t wait for your wedding at The Farm in a few short months.

Kathy Jones Smith - March 10, 2014 - 6:47 pm

WOW!! What a great Warehouse Location – hidden away only a fine few know about!! Lovely

Laurie Ann Barbier Kolasz - March 10, 2014 - 7:21 pm

I love it takes me back to remember when I felt that way. So adorable!!!

Frances Nicholson Puett - March 10, 2014 - 7:30 pm

just like them, love them.

Ashley Kupfer - March 10, 2014 - 9:24 pm

The photos turned out amazing. I love them.

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