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As Atlanta wedding photographers we get asked bundles of questions. We love it! We decided to take some of our most frequently asked questions about wedding photography and provide you with some immediate answers. If you still have more questions after going through these, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Do I get a disk of images?

Yep. Well, sort-of. We’re a bit more updated than the “disk of images” thing. All your wedding photos are uploaded to an online gallery where you can download your photos, and even share them with friends and family. We happen to think the cloud is cooler than a disk.

I don’t really think I need an Engagement Session.  Why would I want pictures of myself?

Pictures are just an added bonus from the Engagement Session.  The Engagement Session is a time for us to get to know each other.  It is intimidating enough to get married in front of a ton of people, much less to get ready for your big day with a huge camera in your face.  The Engagement Session takes the awkwardness out of the photography process.  You get comfortable with us and our cameras, and realize it’s not just about cheesy smiles.  But it’s about hanging out with some cool people and the one you love.  We spend time to learn about your relationship as photographers.

When we shoot an Engagement Session, we aren’t just taking cool pictures, but we are listening to how you talk to each other and we watch for the way your nose scrunches up or the way he looks at you when you laugh.  Those little things are the essence of a relationship.  And that is how we do more than create pictures.  We capture your relationship.  And your wedding day photographs are so much more natural in the end because of it.

What is a photo guest book and why would I want one?

Photo Guest Books are a really cool little feature that I looove to share about.  When your guests get to your wedding, you will want them to sign in.  And instead of having them sign in on a book you’ll never reopen, why not make it special?  The guest book itself is actually a photo album with a lot of extra white space.  We will start with your Engagement Session photos and add in any childhood or facebook photos you want (up to the album limit).  When guests sign in, they find a page that has a photo they love (or were there to experience with you) and write a little message of their best wishes for you.  It turns into such a special momento of your day, and even your life.  I wish I would have had one for my wedding.

What is all this hype about a First Look?

That’s what I thought, too, until I actually experienced one for myself.  A First Look means you and the groom see each other before the wedding.  Not only does it free you up to party and hang out with friends and family after the Ceremony, but it keeps there from being any awkward pauses in the schedule for your guests.  On a wedding day, we will take photos of any group you want us to.  Often, that means we go over schedule to get another photo of Grandma with Aunt Dottie.  And another with Uncle Bob, and another with….you get the idea.  It happens, even if you think you’re not that kind of girl.

Not only does the First Look free up your day, but it creates a special, private moment for you and the groom.  Some of my brides say, “But I want him to see me for the first time all gorgeous walking down the aisle.”  And we skip the First Look, and try to catch his expression during the walk down the aisle.  But, no matter how good of photographers we are, sometimes it is truly impossible to see his reaction.  And even when we do, he often looks like a scared turkey up there in front of everyone.  When we cover that first glance in a First Look, you and he are more relaxed and typically just relieved to see each other and have a moment for hugs and kisses and secrets.  I consider the First Look a sacred moment that you share with your groom-to-be.  He sighs and tears well up in his eyes.  We are there to capture every second of that exchange.  There is no crowd to get in the way and no heads in the picture.  Just some quiet, sacred moments between two people about to give their lives to each other.

Some other pros are:

  • Your hair and makeup are still 100% perfect for photos with him.
  • We will find a gorgeous, private spot at your venue to create some beautiful memories.
  • After the First Look, we can take care of bridal party and family photos before the Ceremony, so you can get on to partying.

How does the booking/payment process work?

Send us a quick message through our Contact page with details of your wedding date.  We will check our schedule to make sure we have your wedding date available.

Then we’ll want to meet with you!  We enjoy to getting to know you and your fiance, so bring him if he is available.  We’ll chat about wedding details for a while and then answer any questions you have regarding wedding photography.

To secure your date with us, we will need 50% of your estimated package price (estimated because you might want to add some options later), and a signed contract before we put you on the calendar.  The other 50% is due one month before your wedding.


We are Atlanta wedding photographers. Photographing weddings is what we do. So, we understand that this may be your first time getting married and we are here to help. Contact us with more questions that you may have.

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