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Ashley & Dylan – CeNita Vineyards

Ashley & Dylan’s CeNita Vineyards wedding is right up there at the top of one of my all time favorite weddings. There are just some people that you meet and immediately feel at home with. That was Ashley. And her mom. And Dylan. We just loved this little family-to-be immediately. It didn’t hurt that we had too much in common to mention here, but sometimes there’s more than common ground if you know what I mean.:)

Let me introduce you to our new friends.:)Meet Ashley. She is a down home girl with a bubbly personality. She found out when she was a teen that she had Type 1 Diabetes. That means this tuff girl has been pricking herself for years. Not only that, but she is really involved at a camp just for kids with Type 1. How cool is that!? And let’s add on another layer of coolness…. She managed to drag Dylan to camp with her. I think that puts him in the CKC (cool kids club), too. And now let’s brag on him for a minute.:)He’s in the army. Yeah. Pretty cool. We know. Oh, and he plays video games (like us!).

See? These guys are right up our alley.

Not only that, but their CeNita Vineyards wedding is just like our dream wedding, complete with cowboy boots, casual guy’s outfits, a barn with a mountain view, vineyard in the background, gorgeous fireplace at the venue….the list goes on. And her dress!! *gasp*Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-Wedding-CeNita-Vineyard-AshleyDylan-21_Blog.jpg

When you’re at an open air barn & vineyard, you really can’t go wrong with cowboy boots and sunflowers.Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-Wedding-CeNita-Vineyard-AshleyDylan-32_Blog.jpgAtlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-Wedding-CeNita-Vineyard-AshleyDylan-16_Blog.jpg

And can we talk about how their wedding details look like they walked right out of Garden & Gun Magazine?
rustic paper invitations
cenita vineyards wedding

CeNita Vineyards was an amazing venue. You immediately feel at ease when you turn down the small road to the venue. And when your car hits the dirt and gravel driveway, you know it’s going to be a good day.:)Who doesn’t love beautiful mountain views and rows of grapevines? I mean really.
cenita vineyards wedding

There were so many meaningful elements of Ashley and Dylan’s CeNita Vineyards wedding. I mentioned she has Type 1 Diabetes and has spent her last few summers at camp helping others. You bet her camp buddies were at her wedding, and she was totally prepared with a station just for them. They could test their levels and fix it right there on the spot without needing to worry about keeping up with their supplies all night.

Ashley’s family just went through a difficult year. She lost two grandparents within months of each other. She used her grandfather’s tie as the tie on her bouquet and had a double-sided locket where she stowed away photos of her grandparents. So sweet.:)

And this sweet couple has their friends and family at heart (even their wedding photographers!). All their guests were invited to sign their tree canvas. We loooved their adorable swing where they signed the canvas.:)

Ready for some getting ready photos?

Ashley wanted to have a first look with her dad. So, we did our best to set it up (juggling Dad in the kitchen, Dylan at the base of the stairs, and a gorgeous bride being seen by all kinds of early guests). But we finally got dad and daughter in the right position, and what unfolded was just awesome. They got to share a special moment together, and we got to freeze that moment for them so they can always go back and remember how it felt. And I cried. 😉

cenita vineyards wedding

Okay. Deep breath. And a smile. (That cute mini-couple was practicing for the big pull-a-long down the aisle as ring bearer and flower girl!)


When the cutest ring bearer and flower girl finally made it down the aisle, it was time for the best part of the day to get going.:)

cenita vineyards wedding

The mini-couple didn’t quite get the flowers out along the aisle, so Ashley’s dad gave them a grand exit with a rose petal carpeted aisle.:)It was one of the funniest moments in any of the wedding ceremonies we have seen to date.


We got to sneak the lovely couple away for some quiet time (Natosha’s favorite time of the wedding day). The vineyard at CeNita is amazing. It’s the perfect blend of country and sophistication.

cenita vineyards wedding

And this is what happens when the sister-of-the-bride crashes the quiet time session. 😀


Then back to the party we went!


It was an awesome day! Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us!


Ashley and Dylan, we loved getting to be part of your special day! We hope you enjoy every moment of your first year together!

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CeNita Vineyards Wedding Photographer: Nathan & Natosha

Elizabeth Franz - December 8, 2013 - 1:46 am


Diana Dixon Fabian - December 8, 2013 - 3:43 am

What a beautiful tribute to an awesome couple and a purely lovely and unique wedding and reception. Thanks for sharing!

Gloria Wyrick Perry - December 8, 2013 - 11:32 am

Love the photo’s amazing work and beautiful venue

Elizabeth G. Baker - December 8, 2013 - 8:23 pm

Wow thus was amazing to read

Denise McNair - December 30, 2013 - 2:56 am

We could not have asked for a more perfect day for our baby girl and Dylan. Every time I look at these pictures, it just makes me so happy for them! Nathan and Natosha, you did an amazing job!! Thank you for capturing their day in such beautiful detail.

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[…] get engaged. And that brings us to Julie and Chase. Julie is Ashley’s sister (who just had a wedding at Cenita Vineyards). To propose, Chase had the family grab a camcorder while he jumped out of a box at Christmas. […]

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[…] get engaged. And that brings us to Julie and Chase. Julie is Ashley’s sister (who just had a wedding at Cenita Vineyards). To propose, Chase had the family grab a camcorder while he jumped out of a box at Christmas. […]

Douglasville Engagement Session | Katie & Heath

We met Katie and Heath at Mandy and Conner’s wedding quite a few years ago. It was apparent then that this couple was getting hitched one day soon; we just didn’t know how soon. Well, they recently got engaged and it was just a few days before I got a message from Katie on Facebook. We had an awesome time munching on some frozen yogurt during their consultation and we’re so excited to be working with Katie and Heath! Because we just had our baby and because they’ll be getting married next spring all the way up in Braselton, they volunteered to come to Douglasville for their session. Did I mention we’re already loving working with this sweet couple?!

We started off in downtown Douglasville hanging out by some old brick walls.
This couple was so cute and silly together. They laughed with each other the entire session.

We managed to get them to snuggle together for a few more serious poses.
There is a cool Coca-Cola advertisement in downtown Douglasville, so we used that to our benefit.
Heath made Katie laugh all day long. From making girly poses to making slightly inappropriate comments (completely suitable for an engaged couple, I might add). It was so fun capturing their personaltities during their session.
And now on to my favorite part of the session. We headed out to a field next to a vacant commercial development. It only has a pizza place in it, which happened to be closed the day of their session. It was perfect. There is a cool open space area that’s all nice and manicured, then there’s an open field full of tall grass and weeds and stuff. So, we had a lot of variety for their session. Katie got a really cute picnic basket ready for their session complete with Scrabble, wine and glass coke bottles.
By the end of the session, Heath and Katie got more comfortable with being themselves in front of the camera, so we got some amazing romantic photos around sunset.

Katie and Heath, We can’t wait for your wedding!

Joni Chandler - May 12, 2014 - 7:25 pm

This is the first time I’ve seen these. They’re great!

A time for everything…

If you’ve been following us lately, you’ll know it’s been much more quiet than normal here for our photography business. If you have a few minutes, I want to fill you in on what’s been going on around our house.

First off….if you know anything about the wedding industry, you’ll know we generally work in seasons. That means that every summer and fall, we get all kinds of inquiry emails wanting to know if we’re available for this wedding day or that. (Those emails always get me excited about the work we do because every email means an opportunity for a new friend.:)But I digress.)

Well. Last summer, there were no emails. No phone calls. And definitely nothing going onto the books. It was the quietest booking season E-V-E-R!!!! And to any other photographer that probably would have sent them into panic mode. But we run our business with faith. God is our source and our provision. That’s why we don’t use sales tactics or pressure people into booking with us. We figure if it’s part of the plan, it will happen as it should. And if it doesn’t, then it’s probably a better situation for everyone involved. That also means that when we don’t have many inquiries, we are looking at God and asking “what’s up?” If He wants us to continue in photography, He will provide the work or He will provide another direction.

Needless to say, last fall, after having a summer full of cricket noises instead of inquiries, we were having some talks with God about the 2013 outlook on our photography business. And then November happened.

If you’ve gotten to know us, you know we have been dying to be parents for some time now. We moved back to Georgia so we could start a family near our families. And we’ve been waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Until November. And then it all made sense.


Douglasville Newborn Photographer
We are expecting our little boy any day now right here in the heat of July. God knew this would be a summer we would have never wanted to work. We would feel like our clients weren’t getting the level of service we like to provide and we wouldn’t want someone worrying about the possibility of their photographer going into labor on wedding day. So, He didn’t bring us any work. And we were thankful.

And get this. Not only is God so good that He gave us a break when He knew we would need it, but now that we’re in the clear and ready to ramp back up, we are already booking again! Amazing how that worked out so seamlessly!

So, the whole point of the story is that God is so faithful! Not only did He bring us a happy new addition to our family (due to arrive any day now!) but He’s totally on top of things for our business. Hopefully, the next time you’re needing a little more faith to hold out through a situation, our little story about our photography business with give you that extra push of faith to just hang on because God’s on top of it! Hang in there!

Rhonda Bryant Kelly - July 15, 2013 - 6:56 pm

So awesome and so happy for you both! God always has a plan and he knew just what he was doing! Can’t wait to meet little baby Ledbetter! I’m sure there will be tons of picture sharing! :)

Mandy Sheppard Volpe - July 15, 2013 - 7:08 pm

I just love this and your heart! Y’all are such an encouragement and I love how you “do business”. I have thinking about y’all a lot and praying for your bundle of joy that will be arriving soon. Can’t wait to meet the new addition. God’s timing is perfect!

Justin-Nova Bates - July 15, 2013 - 7:41 pm

Can’t wait to see your baby. It will be Joshua’s bestfriend :-) we love you and miss you guys.

Torise Battle Young - July 15, 2013 - 7:42 pm

I love reading your blogs Natosha! Your beautiful spirit comes through in your writing. I’m so excited about the baby (and of course, I’m anxious to see his first photo shoot)! Congratulations and God’s blessings to you and Nathan!

Clay Kitchings - July 15, 2013 - 9:28 pm

Congratulations to you! God is faithful!

Joe Federer - July 16, 2013 - 6:53 am


Mandie Newsom - July 23, 2013 - 2:04 am

The same thing happened prior to our move from MS to GA. God knew the timing and made plans well before we knew :) Looking forward to seeing Baby Boy Ledbetter photos soon!

Savanna Floyd - July 30, 2013 - 5:10 pm

<3 <3 <3.

The Ridges Resort and Marina Wedding, Hiawassee Georgia | Staci & Taylor

Staci and Taylor are adorable. They’re perfect opposites. Taylor cares about every detail and Staci goes with the flow. (I happen to think they’re pretty similar to Nathan and myself. ;)) And their perfect chemistry made for an amazing wedding day in the north Georgia mountains. Staci and Taylor wanted to have a true Georgian wedding, which is why they headed all the way up to Hiawassee, Georgia to Ridges Resort and Marina for their wedding. Staci told us that having an Atlanta or Savannah wedding, just wasn’t the Georgia she knew. And since Taylor’s family would be flying in from Texas, they wanted his family to have the full experience.

I was thinking about the experience on the way to their wedding. We normally travel to weddings 2-4 hours earlier than we need to in case of an emergency, but that sometimes makes our drive to weddings feel like a leisurely road trip. Especially for Staci and Taylor’s wedding. Where you have your wedding truly sets the mood for your day. Sometimes it’s the excitement of seeing the Atlanta skyline as you approach the bustling city, sometimes it’s rolling drive through the country to a farm wedding, and sometimes it’s a winding drive through the mountains to a lake resort.

And once we got to the resort, it did not disappoint. It was accented with rustic wood and rock architecture, and was surrounded by water and mountains in the distance. The setting was so relaxing that there wasn’t a hiccup to the entire wedding day. Staci and Taylor did an amazing job setting the tone for their wedding.

Staci’s dress was amazing. It was so full of ruffles and looked like a pouf of happiness.

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-2_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-4_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-6_Blog.jpg

Staci’s mom has done her hair for every important occasion of her life, so this photo of her mom doing her hair was especially important.

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-9_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-17_Blog.jpg

Staci wrote a really sweet note to all her bridesmaids, and there was definitely some crying going on!

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-8_Blog.jpg

Taylor was right across the resort getting ready. It was so nice to have the entire bridal party getting ready in the same venue. Definitely needed in the case of a safety pin emergency.:)Or a sunglasses emergency. The was talk of a sunglasses catastrophe, and I think Taylor was fixing his RayBans in the bottom photo.

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-20_Blog.jpg

Staci wanted to do a first look with her dad and grandpa when they saw her for the first time. It was a really sweet moment between the three of them.

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-22_Blog.jpg

Yep. She was stinkin gorgeous!

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-26_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-13_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-71_Blog.jpg

After the first look with dad and grandpa, we headed over to get Taylor from his villa for the first look.

They are so sweet together. There were lots of hugs between the two of them all day long.:)

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-28_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-32_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-35_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-36_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-41_Blog.jpg

We had a few extra minutes to get some gorgeous photos of the sweet couple before their ceremony.
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-38_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-33_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-43_Blog.jpg

The wind blew just before the second photo and made Staci’s veil pop up. I think it gives this photo an extra edge.:)
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-46_Blog.jpg

There was a forecast of rain for the afternoon, but thankfully, the weather held out beautifully.:)The guys played cornhole before the ceremony.

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-53_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-47_Blog.jpg

Then we all headed inside to get ready for the processional. Staci had an awesome spot up on the balcony where she could see all her guests and wedding party.

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-59_Blog.jpg

The flower girl was just adorable! She even made it down the aisle by herself!
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-60_Blog.jpg

Staci’s dad and grandpa walked her down the aisle. It was a sweet ceremony, and Staci & Taylor even wrote their own vows.

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-61_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-63_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-65_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-68_Blog.jpg

Remember how I said there was a sunglasses catastrophe? Well, in the midst of all the hugs after the ceremony, Taylor’s sunglasses got smushed again. So glad we caught his expression here!:)

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-69_Blog.jpg

While the guests walked over to the reception site, we headed out to the pier so Staci and Taylor could soak it all in.

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-77_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-73_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-78_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-81_Blog.jpg

The reception was so much fun. There was someting different going on every minute of the reception. We had karaoke serenading the bride and groom, mom’s ballet dancing, the full gangnam style dance, line dancing, and even a perfect last dance! It started out with Georgia on my Mind for the Georgia crowd, but quickly changed to God Blessed Texas!

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-55_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-82_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-85_Blog.jpg

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-91_Blog.jpg

Staci’s sister gave a toast to the happy couple that brought a tear to Staci’s eye. Nathan’s amazing at capturing emotion.
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-89_Blog.jpg

Their cake was simple but stunning.
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-86_Blog.jpgKaraoke serenading the happy couple.:)
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-96_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-92_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-95_Blog.jpg
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-97_Blog.jpg

Their exit was awesome, but it was rainy and humid that night. So instead of the sparklers lighting up the night, they smoked up the night! But it made for a really dramatic emerging-from-the-smoke moment.:)
Atlanta-Wedding-Photographers-Nathan-And-Natosha-Photography-Georgia-West Atlanta-Ridges-Resort-Marina_StaciTaylor_BlogNoLogo-99_Blog.jpg

Staci and Taylor, your wedding was awesome! We’ve so enjoyed getting to know both of you over the last year. We wish you the best in your marriage and keep up those sweet hugs.:)

–> If you’re friends and family of Staci and Taylor, pin one of their photos to Pinterest (easy to do with our “Pin this” tags!). If they get 25 pins by April 30h, we’ll send them a 16×20 canvas as a gift from everyone who pinned their photo!

Denise Dale - April 19, 2013 - 3:59 pm

Love these pics…. You are beautiful

A Hotel Indigo & Classic Center Firehall Wedding, Athens Georgia | Torise & Cecil

Athens is one of our favorite cities and we make an effort to go back every chance we get. We recently had the pleasure of shooting Torise and Cecil’s wedding at Hotel Indigo and the Classic Center. It was a gorgeous wedding, and their families were so so sweet. They included so many personal elements in their wedding day and really made the day a sentimental celebration. I cried. That’s not abnormal for me at weddings, but I really really cried. So much so that the coordinator brought me a pile of beverage napkins! Hahah! Their families were really so sweet and whole-heartedly accepted their new family members in as family. I just loved it.:)

We got there early to check out the venue, specifically the Rialto Room at Hotel Indigo. A photographer’s worst nightmare is a black room with no windows, and that’s just what we had. But we were ready and, fortunately, had enough time to get our game plan together. Then we headed upstairs to the getting ready room. It was a photographer’s dream. It was a huuuge white room with enormous windows. The room was flooded with beautiful, natural light. You definitely want to look for a room like that for your getting ready space.:)Let me show you what it looked like.

First, let me show you Torise’s amazing dress! It was so perfect and fluffy and flowy. Amazing. (See the room behind her dress? That was her getting ready suite with those huge windows!)

Hotel Indigo Rialto Room Wedding

Torise’s mom pinned a sentimental wedding band into the sash of her dress. :*) I love weddings. And do you not just looove those peacock feathers?! Sometimes you just need to capture the ambiance of a place, even when you can’t hear the music and smell the smells. Thus we have the ipod dock jamming out and the cup of Jittery Joe’s, an Athens favorite!

Hotel Indigo Athens Wedding

Love love that photo of her mom buttoning her dress.:)So dreamy. After Torise got ready, she sent out a message on Facebook to her peeps.

Classic Center Firehall Wedding

Now for the boys! They got to have a pool table in their room. How cool is that! They also had football on the flat-screen.:)

Hotel Indigo Rialto Room Wedding

Aren’t they too cool for school?! 😀 Torise and Cecil opted for a first look. Since it was a rainy groggy day outside, we met in between their two suites that were across the hall from each other. Pretty sure Cecil loved checking out his gorgeous bride!

Athens Hotel Indigo Wedding

Aren’t they such a dashing couple? After their first look, we took a few group photos. This one was my favorite of the girls.:)You can even see City Hall in the background. Love Athens!

Athens Hotel Indigo Wedding

After group photos, we braved the rain (not just drizzles, people!) to head over to the Classic Center Firehall for the ceremony. They had a photo guestbook. Those photos look familiar? Maybe from their Athens engagement session complete with cookies and all? Torise and Cecil had a round ceremony layout so all their friends and family could be up close and personal. It was a really sweet ceremony.

Classic Center Wedding Athens Ga

Do you not LOVE the expression on the little ring bearer’s face when he had to escort the flower girl!?! Love it.:)You probably read their story when I posted their Athens engagement session, but apparently, there are two very different sides to the story about how they got to know each other. Cecil seems to think he has the TRUE side of the story. Torise seems to disagree. They worked with their videographer to tell their elaborate stories during the reception. It was so cute. Torise and Cecil stood outside to watch the video before they were formally presented to the reception.

Rialto Room Wedding Reception

And don’t you love Torise and Cecil’s expressions while they danced? They had so much fun and were super sweet together.:)

Rialto Room Wedding Reception

Torise and her dad had the sweetest father daughter dance ever. They just looked so happy.:)

Athens Georgia Wedding Photographers

Okay. One more, just for good measure. Right before the bouquet and garter tosses, the girls were waiting for everything to get settled (and all the girls to get there). Well. Grandma joined in for a hilariously fun moment! She’s got some moves! What a story this photo tells!

Torise and Cecil, your wedding was amazing! Thank you for letting us be a part of your wedding (and especially for you patience while I’ve been sick editing your photos!!!!).

–> If you’re friends and family of Torise and Cecil, pin one of their photos to Pinterest (easy to do with our “Pin this” tags!). If they get 25 pins by March 15th, we’ll send them a 16×20 canvas as a gift from everyone who pinned their photo! And if you leave a comment below, we’ll include it with their gift!

Birta Battle - February 16, 2013 - 2:22 pm

Nothing makes a parent happier than to know that their children are happy and safe. Stay happy, Cecil and Torise.

Sharletta C Battle - February 22, 2013 - 8:43 pm

Torise and Cecil, these pictures truly captured the love and memories that we all felt during the weekend to remember in Athens. So happy for the both of you!!

T w i t t e r
F a c e b o o k
R e v i e w s
P i n t e r e s t