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The Atrium Wedding, Atlanta Georgia | Melodi and Terrance

Melodi and Terrance were married at The Atrium recently on a cool overcast day in November. Like many of our venues, this was our first time at the Atrium (there are so many venues in Atlanta, we could shoot a different one every day of the year and not have seen them all). If you are considering the Atrium, it’s a pleasantly small, intimate space for you and 185 of your favorite people. Melodi and Terrance chose to have there ceremony on the grounds of The Atrium, and it was a gorgeous space, complete with a chandelier and stone paved walkway.

Melodi’s mom and dad were the ministers of the wedding and married her and Terrance. We love it when family gets involved in the wedding (after all, Nathan’s dad married us!)! Their wedding was so peaceful and pleasant. I don’t think they ran into a single issue the entire day! They enjoyed getting married with their friends and family there to watch, did some partying, and then hit the town in the Bentley for some fun and excitement! It was complete with the red carpet treatment and all! Keep scrolling to see what we mean.

Let’s start with their getting ready details! They chose a deep purple color to accent their wedding. They even planned out their color so thoroughly that they wore purple for their Stone Mountain engagement session so they could send out coordinating save-the-dates! Now, THAT’S planning!!!

The Atrium Wedding Photography Details

We had some extra time, so we got to hang out with the guys and girls outside for a few minutes. They were all amazing models for their group photos.

Those guys rocked the tuff guy look! ….even though we sneaked a few of them cracking up.:)Those are the moments life is made of.

I just love the drama of this huge white wall! It’s pretty epic.

Soon after we finished our formal photos, the girls headed back to their room to warm up (I did mention it was cool….) before ceremony time. We found this awesome place to sneak some really cozy photos of the ceremony from behind the trees. I love how it feels like we’re peering in on their intimate moments. After the ceremony, the sweet couple got to spend a few quiet moments to themselves. Those are the moments life is made of, too.:)

And after the quiet tender moments, we all headed in to the party! Melodi’s bouquet got to sit center stage on the couple’s table. I love how this first photo came out. So much going on, but so simple.

Did you see that groom’s cake? It was pretty crazy and cool. We got to peek in on the guess from the balcony above before the first dances started. And I’m just going to admit it right now. That bouquet toss photo was accidental art. This one is my favorite because the high angle of the photo makes you feel like you’re on one of those acrobatic trapeze swings. Or like you feel when you watch a Cirque du Soleil performance. Or ride a roller coaster. Okay. I’ll stop; I think you get the point.

The Atrium Wedding Photographers Reception

Check out all those bubbles!

The Atrium Wedding Photographers Grand Exit BubblesThe Atrium Wedding Photographers Grand Exit Bubbles Kiss

Ready for the red carpet?

The Atrium Wedding Photographers Reception Exit

And bonus time!! Most weddings are so pressed for time, we’re squeezing in every quiet moment with the bride and groom (usually their choice), but Melodi and Terrance had this car reserved for them, and a driver that was willing to go wherever they wanted. So, they gave us a call while we were packing up our gear and asked if we could go into downtown with them. It was a great chance to get some epic photographs of the two of them together, having some quiet time. Without Aunt Suzy watching. It also gave us a chance to play with some dramatic lighting. We think they came out pretty fun!

The Atrium Wedding PhotographersThe Atrium Wedding PhotographersThe Atrium Wedding PhotographersThe Atrium Wedding Photographers

We hope you enjoyed Melodi and Terrance’s wedding photos! It was a beautiful wedding at a great venue.

–> If you’re friends and family of Melodi and Terrance, pin one of their photos to Pinterest (easy to do with our “Pin this” tags!). If they get 25 pins by December 31st, we’ll send them a 16×20 canvas as a gift from everyone who pinned their photo! And if you leave a comment below, we’ll include it with their gift!

Douglasville Wedding Photographers

LL Farm Events Venue Feature, a Gainesville Georgia Wedding Venue

We met the owner of LL Farm Events, Michelle, a few months ago. She had on her cowgirl boots and told us all about her new venue in Gainesville. She told us how it is located on a working farm, and she still boards horses there. She has an enclosed arena, and all of her friends were asking her to use it for weddings. Including her daughter, who recently christened the venue with her own wedding. Well, when we arrived and saw all this place had to offer, we were delighted! There was plenty of parking space, a huge indoor area to host as many guests as you want! And a bar/staging area unlike any you’ll find anywhere else. This place is huge and that means no one has to sit next to the dj or band’s speaker to go home with a headache. And you’ll have plenty of space to have as many food stations as you’d like. And even better for your wedding photography: the cake get’s a prime location out in the front and center!! No more cakes stuffed on a little round table in the corner of a conference room!

Let me show you what I mean. You can have as many tables as you want! Which means you can have all the flowers a girl could want, too.Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Do you see this cake table!?! If I’m not mistaken, it’s a door laying across two whiskey barrels with space for all the trimmings and you can see the cake from all directions! And there were so many different spaces in this place that we didn’t even have time to photograph them all!

Atlanta Wedding Photographers

But don’t you love the photo above showing the overall space. And the dirt floor gives this place some true authenticity. How cute would it be to have all your maids in short dresses with some adorable cowboy boots? Totally cool. After the place started filling with guests, we headed outside for some exterior shots. This is the main door where people enter the place. Love how they had the bales of hay out there. And this place has some really cute signage. It’s those little details that really make a barn a wedding venue.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers

We hope you enjoyed our venue feature for LL Farm Events (or Double L Farm Events). Give Michelle a call. She’s really nice and has an amazing place up in Gainesville.

Until next time!

AurelioGuzman N YesiCarrillo - October 22, 2013 - 11:42 pm

How is it that I don’t have any of this pictures !! Considering they are from my wedding !!

Erica Carrillo - October 23, 2013 - 2:03 am

there nice detail pictures too

Natosha Luster - January 10, 2015 - 10:46 pm

Hello Natosha from another Natosha! Loved the photos

Chatsworth Engagement Session, Staci & Taylor

When we met Staci and Taylor for the first time, we had a blast! We laughed and had a great time the entire consultation. We all had so much in common! Staci is from the sticks. Even in the same neighborhood of my own hometown. I’m from Dalton and she’s from Chatsworth. They’re like next door neighbors for cities. Taylor is from the city and his family is really active (just like Nathan!). Staci likes to take naps. She and I must be sisters at heart. So, needless to say, we had a blast at their engagement session, too.

We met them in Chatsworth, up in northwest Georgia at an historic landmark called the Chief Vann House. I swear I must have gone here every year on a field trip in school. And Staci knew the park manager (I guess that’s what the person is called?). So, the two of us were right at home and the boys just filed suit.

We started off at the Chief Vann House, and then explored the cabins on the grounds there. It was a really cool place to shoot and we had amazingly warm fall weather that afternoon. Nathan even climbed a tree so he could shake some leaves so we could have some falling leaves in their photos. I think it was his favorite highlight of the day.:)

Chatsworth Georgia Engagement Session

Some of these late afternoon photos came out with so much sunlight, I couldn’t help but make them black and white.  And don’t you just love the texture of the cabins & fences?

Chatsworth Georgia Engagement Session

After our time at the Chief Vann House, we headed to Staci’s parents’ house to pick up Charlie. Charlie is their black lab puppy that Taylor used to propose to Staci.:)So cute! After we got Charlie, we headed to a family friend’s farm, jumped a lot of fences (it’s a long story) and got to play in the fields. There was a really long dirt road the whole way in, so we took full advantage of it. And we went down to the creek, but it was muddy, so we opted to use the sunny hillside full of crazy cool weeds instead.

Chatsworth Georgia Engagement Session

After surviving the weedy hillside, we headed out to the fields. Aren’t those clouds dreamy?!

Chatsworth Georgia Engagement Session

By the end of the day, we were all hot, tired and had allergies from being in the grass all day. But these two (plus Charlie) were troopers! We let them lay down on Grandma’s quilt for some quiet time and romantic moments before we put Charlie to work! He did awesome for a puppy and paid attention the whole time. I love how these turned out. Can some please come and take some of Nathan and I like this?!!?

Chatsworth Georgia Engagement Session

We finished up by getting some special request photos of them hanging out in the field and then just drenched them in gorgeous sunlight for a few serious faces. I love Staci’s expression in the photo below. So sweet.

Chatsworth Georgia Engagement Session

And on the way out, we got one more in the perfect sunset light. I just love how stinkin awesome these two look!

Chatsworth Georgia Engagement Session

These three were so much fun to hang out with! You can’t beat hanging out with a fun couple on a Georgia farm with some amazing weather and sunlight!

Staci and Taylor, We can’t wait for your wedding in March!

Staci Dale - November 28, 2012 - 6:31 pm

Yay I can’t wait to see the rest! I think we need to get Charlie a modeling contract!

Mary Helen Grady Swinney - November 28, 2012 - 6:37 pm

All I can say is WOW! How will you ever select the best shots. They are all amazing.

Lisa Chruscik - November 28, 2012 - 6:37 pm

OMGG they look great!!!! so cute :)

Lisa Chruscik - November 28, 2012 - 6:37 pm

congrats again to the both of yall!

Mary Elizabeth Baynes - November 28, 2012 - 6:38 pm

These are beautiful Staci!

Missy Swinney Baynes - November 28, 2012 - 8:16 pm

Love them all!

Tammy Swinney Wagnon - November 28, 2012 - 10:27 pm

Ditto Missy … They are awesome!

Nicole Mink - November 28, 2012 - 10:37 pm

Love them! Especially the ones of y’all in the grass and laying down! So cute and cannot wait for the big day!

Lois Ritchie Jones - November 29, 2012 - 12:20 am

Great pictures!

Haley Booth - November 29, 2012 - 1:32 am

Omg!!! These are awesome!!! You look beautiful!

Michael N Rhonda Watts - November 29, 2012 - 1:34 am

These are awesome pics, can’t wait to meet your lovely bride to be, will happy for you both!

Chrissie McConkey Booth - December 1, 2012 - 7:28 pm

Staci and Taylor, these are amazing. I loved them all!!

A Hardeman-Sams House Wedding, Athens Georgia | Josie and Brian


We got to travel to one of our favorite places in the whole wide world a few weeks ago; Athens, Georgia. Josie and Brian had their wedding at the UGA Catholic Center and their reception was at the Hardeman-Sams House. I’ve actually known Josie for about 9 years now, and her wedding was just perfectly suited to her. It was southern elegance done right. It was relaxed, but gorgeous. Fun, but grown up. She blended her eye for a spring wedding with the fall season. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Let me show you what I mean.:)


Don’t you loove her burlap pennants?! I think the heart is a perfect touch!

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Hardeman-Sams House | Athens Georgia

Josie and I went to a design school, so Josie made her own welcome sign. Typography and all. It was so sweet and sincere. Just perfection.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Hardeman-Sams House | Athens Georgia

Josie’s eyes are g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!!! (did you hear me singing that word?)

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Hardeman-Sams House | Athens Georgia

Don’t you just love this photo? I know, right? This was one of Nathan’s masterpieces of the day.:)

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Hardeman-Sams House | Athens Georgia

We don’t normally put rings on flowers (so cliche), but these flowers were amazing. We just couldn’t help ourselves.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Hardeman-Sams House | Athens Georgia

And we don’t normally put flowers on furniture, but this piece was just beautiful. Plus the wall color was a perfect complement.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Hardeman-Sams House | Athens Georgia

She kept it classy and elegant with a black and white theme with a hint of pastel color. The white pumpkins were adorable! And her flowers were to die for. As a former Landscape Architect, I should totally know what those fuzzy green leaves are (Elephant Ears, maybe??), but I don’t. I just know I’m in love with them after this wedding.:)

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Hardeman-Sams House | Athens Georgia

Brian grew up in a Catholic school and so their ceremony was a full mass. The church was really cool and had some colorful stained glass windows. Love that we squeezed in the entire wedding party in this photo!

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | UGA Catholic Center | Athens Georgia

We caught them sneaking a peek at each other during the ceremony.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | UGA Catholic Center | Athens Georgia

Considering it was a full mass (which usually lasts a while), they were smoochin’ before we knew it!! I love how Brian held Josie’s hand.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | UGA Catholic Center | Athens Georgia

Can you see the people outside the doors? It’s ike they were sneaking another kiss just inside the church doors.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | UGA Catholic Center | Athens Georgia

We met back up at the Hardeman-Sams house for their grand entrance.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Hardeman-Sams House | Athens Georgia

You could tell that Josie and Brian were excited to start the party with their friends and family.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Hardeman-Sams House | Athens Georgia

Can I just say that DIY weddings are my absolute favorite!! I know Josie’s mom and friends were such a huge help to get the house decorated for the wedding. You can tell every piece was put together with love and care. All the way down to the thoughtfulness of the flip flops (which were a hit, by the way!).

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Hardeman-Sams House | Athens Georgia

Is that not a perfect toast photo of Brian’s brother (the best man)?!! Love how his glass fills with light! Their expressions during dancing were so much fun! And the garter toss! It was such a fun night! And those magical photos of the two last dances of the night. There were lights in the trees! Definitely recommended!! It was an amazing reception.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Hardeman-Sams House | Athens Georgia

Josie and Brian, Your wedding was amazing and perfect and so much fun. Thank you for letting us share in your day!

Ashley Oldham, Day-of Wedding Coordinator

Foamshark DJ Services, DJ/Music

 Epting Events, Catering

If you’re their friends and family, help us give the happy couple a gift! If they get pins from 25 different people, we’ll give them a 16″x24″ canvas wrap (a $110 value!) from you! Just pin one or more of the photos to Pinterest by November 20th! And if you leave a comment to them below, we’ll include it with their gift!


Josie Nicole Fulmer Davis - November 7, 2012 - 9:14 pm

Love it all! So glad you were there to capture the moments!

Natosha Ledbetter - November 7, 2012 - 11:58 pm

Aww! We’re so gland and were so happy to be there! You were a stunning bride!

Natosha Ledbetter - November 7, 2012 - 11:59 pm

Aww! We’re so glad and were so happy to be there! You were a stunning bride!

Bonna Lacey - November 8, 2012 - 7:34 pm

Such a beautiful wedding! Wish I couLd have been there.

Bonna Lacey - November 8, 2012 - 7:36 pm

Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

Natosha Ledbetter - November 8, 2012 - 11:29 pm

Sure thing! Thanks so much for commenting and pinning, Bonna! I’ll include your comment when they win their canvas. :)

{Photography} We’re featured!

If you haven’t heard yet, the sweet girls over at Southern Weddings dropped in to peruse Mandy and Conner’s wedding photos and chose one to go in their feature on ACC weddings. It was one of our favorites of the night, and apparently, they happened to agree.:)

Surprises like this are always so much fun! We have all kinds of mini-parties over here. Editing mini-parties, new gear mini-parties, Southern Weddings mini-parties… We just thought we’d share so you can do a happy dance with us!

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