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Spring Lake Events, Atlanta Rustic Barn Wedding Venue

Have you found your Atlanta wedding venue yet? Okay. Well, then. Grab your sweet tea and pull up a chair. We’re about to show you the one if you’re looking for a place with classic but rustic character. A place where you can bring your mason jars and have crystal centerpieces. It’s a gorgeous wedding venue called Spring Lake just west of Atlanta in Rockmart, Georgia. This place was built to be your wedding venue. Literally. Let me show you.

Oh, p.s. If you want this place, you’ll need to be planning for your 2014 wedding, because they are completely booked for 2013. Yep. You heard that right!

Gorgeous, right? We know.

This is an overall view from the front (and side). It’s an open-air building with some rooms built into the back. It has a kitchen, restroom and 2 dressing rooms (with their own restroom).

It’s covered with gorgeous details. And I there wasn’t anything nearby to show you how massive these lights are, but they’re huge! Awesome.

If you’re looking something that’s a bit rustic, a bit elegant, this place has the perfect mix.


See what I told you? And then, there are adorable little details everywhere. And the land that Spring Lake sits on is actually used for fishing and hunting, so you guy is going to love the authenticity of it.

Everyone needs some awesome lighting.

And if cute lighting isn’t enough for you… awesome is this awesome old truck! He’s like the venue mascot! And I bet he talks like Tater.

Okay. Just a few more inside details before we move outside. There is so much happening at this place. Like, how about this adorable enameled “drink holder?”

Or this little rustic bench?

And all these other adorable details? Can’t you just see an amazing ring photo on the limb (top row)?

Or this really cool drink holder? Or favor holder? It’s at the stairs, so you could use it for almost anything you want you guests to pick up on their way in or out. Perfection.

I love this view from the porch area out to the lake. It’s so green, peaceful, and refreshing there.

There is even a really cool swing just near the entrance.

Okay. Let’s head outside and have a look around.

This view is looking at the driveway coming into the property.

Aren’t those chandeliers in there just amazing?! Okay. Rant over. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Spring Lake is a newer venue, and they’ve been through about a year of weddings. They do get a breeze blowing through the building (because it’s in a valley) and it was blowing some of the centerpieces over, so they are adding on some barn doors (they were even working while we were there that day). We think it just adds a bit more rustic charm.:)

Oh no! Where do we go now that we’re outside? Oh! Thank goodness there is a sign to guide me. Lots of signs!

Can we just look at this one again? I just love it. I want to get a blanket and my picnic basket and go sit under those trees in the background. And watch the water. Yep.

Or I could be a bit more sophisticated and sit in a chair.

These would make awesome bride and groom photos. Or would be a great place to put your “bride” and “groom” signs.:)

So where do you want to actually do the marrying? You’ve got so many options! There is the barn area, there is the large open flat-ish space in front of those chairs I was talking about earlier…or there is the arbor area. I think this is the default area where they set up the pews if you don’t have a different preference. The pews would make an aisle to the center of the arbor, pointing straight out to the water. In between two willow trees. Can it get any more dreamy than that?!

Yes! If you put lanterns in the willow trees!

This adorable building is beside the willow trees. It’s the bar area. Which I think is included? Yes. I think it is.

Yes. Can I have these screen doors to take home?

And the swing, too?

This is the cute little bar area. This is sooo where I would be hanging out at the end of the night. Get my drink and go out on the little dock and hang my feet off the edge. Yep.

Or I might go and sit in these chairs. You might want to watch the boys. They’ll be dragging their fishing gear out of their trucks, if you don’t watch them!

So after you hang your feet off the dock and sit in all the chairs, grab your blanket and marshmallow sticks because there’s an outdoor fireplace. Yes! I know! And they’ve already put a candleabra on the mantle for your candles. I know. This place is a dream.

On your way back up to the barn to get some more marshmallows? You’ll see this:

And these cute little things lighting your way.

Oh! And one last look inside before we go. This is the guy’s getting ready room. Notice he has remotes to the sound system?

And she gets a couch and lots of chairs. Plus a bathroom.

And the rooms have their own air conditioner. It’s a perfect oasis on a really hot day.:)

So there it is! Spring Lake!ย  We hope you’ll give them a call and stop in to check it out! Tell them we sent you! And then book us for your wedding there so we can come back and enjoy this gorgeous venue.:)



Jennifer Kessler - November 14, 2012 - 3:49 pm

I had my wedding here in october 2012 and it was a DREAM…A DREAM! and what you didn’t mention here (simply because you didn’t know yourself), is that the venue coordinators and their preferred vendors (i used their catering company, DJ, and cake maker) were all absolutely wonderful to work with. they made the planning easier for me and had great suggestions. they were willing to do pretty much any and everything I asked for and I am convinced there is no better group to work with for a rustic, elegant, southern wedding! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! :)

Jennifer Kessler - November 14, 2012 - 3:50 pm

and by the way, your photos are beautiful! you did a great job in capturing the charm of spring lake.

Natosha Ledbetter - November 16, 2012 - 3:09 am

Aww! Thank you, Jennifer. I’ll be sure and pass along the information about their vendors when recommending Spring Lake. Thank you so much for sharing your real experience with us!

Atlanta Baby Photographer | Izzy

It’s Izzy’s first birthday! Well, almost. She has a big birthday party planned in a few weeks and wanted to send out some photos in her party invitations. We had the chance to meet up with Izzy and her parents in Canton, Georgia a few days ago. We had so much fun hanging out with our dear friends and their adorable Izzy.

Izzy is the perfect baby. She is always smiling or sleeping, and her parents tell us she hardly ever cries. Yep, she’s a dream baby. And she made our job so easy!

Okay. Nerd alert ahead!! If you’ve been following our work over the last few years, you’ll know that we typically opt for lively, vibrant colors. But we have been making every effort to be authentically “us” since this blog post. Sometimes the “be what you love” concept takes some time to get going. But since we’ve been building our Pinterest boards, we’ve been learning so much about what makes our world go round. (It’s actually even how we created our new branding!) We started seeing a theme, and it doesn’t look anything like our style has looked in the past few years. So, we’re working to change our style into something we love.

That being said, have a look at Izzy’s session and let us know what you think! Like it? Or like the old vibrant style more? Or maybe even somewhere in between? We’re still working on it, so let us know what you think.:)

Aren’t those eyes gorgeous!!!

We had mom and dad jump in for a few shots.

Izzy got to go for a little ride on dad’s swing arms.

This might be my favorite of the day. Look at those eyes and that adorable little nose!!

Okay. So I take it back. This one might be my favorite of the day. There is just something “real life” about this one.

We were serenaded by Izzy’s sweet xylophone piano skills.

And then we just played around on the quilt.

She was so great all day. Full of smiles and a happy attitude.

Those cute little toes.

She just had the cutest expressions.

It’s the little things that you’re most likely to forget. Things like headbands and little ears.

LOL! Izzy was so good and all smiles the entire session, but she had to do some concentrating to sit up for the photos. I loooove her little squished up posture in this one.

We buried her in toys. And she wasn’t quite sure which one to play with first.

So we put a hat on her and she knew just what to do!

Love this.

And her cute little cheeks. These are moments you want to hold on to forever.:)

This girl is a pro! Give her a few years & a few wardrobe changes and she’ll be working it!

Pretty sure she was praising Jesus.


She loved playing with the tennis ball. And she showed off by standing for the longest she’s ever stood on her own for us.

Then she needed a little break. Just love how she fell out of the photo.:)

This girl is a dancer! So we let her stand up on a bench and show us some moves.

Isn’t she adorable?:)


Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the new style.:)

And Happy 1st Birthday Izzy!!!


Becky Timms Bates - October 3, 2012 - 5:53 pm

I just LOVE all these photos! They are all beautiful. Izzy is adorable and you captured her personality perfectly. Thanks so much.

Shelby Webb Waggaman - October 3, 2012 - 6:03 pm

LOve, Love, Love!

Justin-Nova Bates - October 3, 2012 - 8:17 pm

Million thanks to both of you guys. We love all the pictures. I’m sure this will not be the last :-) because there’s one more coming. Lol! You guys not only great in photography :-) you are such a sweet loving friends to us and we’re so grateful for having you guys in our life. Thank you :-) and we love you :-) izzy is so adorable! Can’t wait to put all the pictures in a big frame. Lol!

Rivera Len - October 3, 2012 - 9:56 pm

I like all the pictures, she’s so cute…

{Engagement} Josie & Brian | Athens Ga Wedding Photographer


We love Athens, Georgia!! And we go back there every chance we get! We are excited to introduce you to Josie and Brian. I graduated from UGA with Josie and remember her talking about this guy she had a crush on back in college. Well, that guy she was talking about just happens to be Brian. And five years later they just happen to be getting married!!! Eeeekk! I’m so excited! So when they got engaged, Josie gave me a call. We are so excited to be their wedding photographers in Athens for their wedding at UGA in just one short month!

But, for now, let’s have a look at their engagement session. Can I just be the first to say that Josie is a trooper! The day of their engagement session was right when Isaac (the storm, not a guy…) was traveling through town. It was hot and muggy, and the mosquitoes were loooving the weather! And me. And Josie. There were literally swarms of mosquitoes. Yep. Swarms. More than I have EVER seen before. The next day I was covered with at least 30 bites and I only had 6 inches of my legs showing!! And Josie…she was wearing a dress. A real trooper, I tell you!

Show Josie and Brian some love by pinning your favorite photo of theirs onto your “Favorite Things” board. If they get 30 pins from this post by their wedding day, they will win a $50 print credit!

Isn’t this the cutest couple?!

Josie’s ring is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!

We started out with a little walk around some of the cozy walkways at the Founder’s Garden on the University of Georgia campus. Josie, Nathan and I had class in the Garden, so shooting there was just like being at home.:)

These two were so sweet and giggly.

There were all kinds of ominous clouds in the sky, but we still got some soft gorgeous lighting.

We took a minute to sit and chat for a minute during the session, and Nathan caught Josie looking incredible! This girl has amazing facial expressions!

See…another one of those gorgeous expressions!

Josie and Brian are both studying wildlife management, and Josie spotted this little squirrel on the tree. Just for good measure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Founder’s Garden is amazing and has so many different spaces. I am pretty sure we could have spent an entire day there and still had a great variety.

Loooove snuggle time. Especially when they look like this.

The garden is so lush and green, especially in the late summer.

Josie is so beautiful! We can’t wait to shoot her on her wedding day!

I didn’t include all of them, but Josie and Brian had some really cute moments. Like this one when he made her crack up.

ย We found these cute purple flowers to go with Brian’s shirt.

This old cast iron gate adds so much character to this walkway. Plus, it looks awesome with Josie’s dress.

This cobblestone walkway looks amazing, but can be tricky if you’ve got heels on. Thankfully, Brian wasn’t wearing heels. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This little building in the Garden has the most adorable screen doors on the doors. If I could bring them to my house, I’d have them here in a heartbeat.

I spy a heart.

Haha! Another one of those playing around moments!

Oh. my. stinkin’. goodness.

And this one. Dreamy.

Yep. Isaac actually rained on us. Thankfully Josie had an umbrella in her car.

The pink umbrella was a perfect addition!

Josie asked for a more formal session because they don’t have any real photos of themselves. So we went a bit formal. Loving their session outfits.

Engagement sessions are a time for you to get comfortable in front of the camera, and a time for us to see how to make you look your best. We found out that Josie has a smokin’ hot serious face!

There is a cool paving pattern (my Landscape Architect talk coming out again!) out in front of the Founder’s House. The color turned out to be a perfect backdrop.

Sometimes real life throws things out of focus. And sometimes things look even more beautiful when real life intervenes.

After the sun started setting so low we couldn’t shoot {with natural light} anymore, Josie and Brian headed home to pick up their dogs and get some nighttime photos. This little series was a lot of fun to discover. The dogs were perfectly on cue!

Sometimes shooting at nighttime is fun because we get to play with our settings more than we can during the daytime. This one looks a little bit like an impressionist painting.

It’s funky and blurry. I just had to share.:)

We were able to get some cool nighttime photos with a bright green grass and a blue sky. With our lovely little family hanging out with their sweet dogs.:)

Josie tricked the dogs into thinking she had a treat in her hand. It only lasted for a minute. ๐Ÿ˜€

They tied the dogs up and we got some more cool photos of the sweet couple.

Are they so much fun!

This is another funky one that I thought was so cool. It’s so colorful!

I love the funky ones, but these are beautiful, too!

Getting two dogs and two people together for a family portrait in the pitch black nighttime is a challenge, but I think we were fairly successful!

Looove this one!! Real life photography is so much fun!

And just two more serious photos to finish the night off. These two did a fabulous job. We can’t wait to shoot their wedding!


Show Josie and Brian some love by pinning your favorite photo of theirs onto your “Favorite Things” board. If they get 30 pins from this post by their wedding day, they will win a $50 print credit!

Josie and Brian, We had so much fun hanging out with you two in Athens. We can’t wait for your wedding!

{Preview} Wanjiku & Kleb

We had the pleasure of sharing in Wanjiku and Kleb’s wedding this weekend. It was a gorgeous wedding held at Bear’s Best Atlanta Golf Course in Suwanee. The ceremony was out on the golf course at a beautiful hole with water in the background. Wanjiku is Kenyan, and much of her family attended the ceremony, so we got to watch some really cool Kenyan wedding traditions. They were so sweet and wrote their own vows. But it was so hot out there, that I had sweat rolling into my eyes, and I couldn’t tell if I was actually crying because of their adorable vows or because of the heat!! Even with the heat their wedding was amazing and a ton of fun.

The following photos are just a preview. More to come later with the full story!

Thanks for sneaking a peek at Kleb and Wanjiku’s wedding! The full session will be posted soon!

Mandy V - July 30, 2012 - 11:45 pm

BEAUTIFUL photos! I love the lighting and especially the bold colors that you captured outdoors. Amazing job y’all!

natosha - July 30, 2012 - 11:49 pm

Awww! You’re so sweet. We’re so glad you found us again after the move (It was a sneaky little move). :)

{Life} The key to happiness

Have you ever been in a situation of place in life that made you feel stuck and desperate? Nathan and I have had our fair share of those kinds of situations, but we seem to overcome them every time. If you haven’t heard our story about coming home from Sarasota, just ask us one day. It’s an amazing story full of miracles and “no way!”‘s (I’m not real sure how to make “no way” plural. Obviously.) We are truly thankful to be home near friends and family.

Recently, Nathan was asked to come back down to Sarasota to help them out temporarily. On our way down, we questioned our decision to come home 3 years ago. We weren’t regretting it, just questioning if we made the right decision. We remembered a life full of Saturday mornings by the beach or the pool, two awesome paychecks, eating out all we wanted, and Friday nights at the movies. We envisioned a different life for ourselves by now, and some of the reasons we came home haven’t materialized yet. So all this time, we could have been saving a ton of money while we wait for our family to get going.

But Nathan reassured me that of course we made the right decision. God made a clear path for us to get home. It was obvious and effortless, meant to be. So we rested in the truth of our journey home.

And then we got there. We walked straight into our lives from a few years ago (plus a hotel, minus my job). It was a place of remembrance. It was our Egypt, our prison. We had forgotten how unhappy we were. We only remembered the good stuff of our life back then. There were so many stressful elements of our lifestyle that we didn’t remember. We had extra cash for entertainment and a gorgeous beach to relax on, but we also ate tums like they were candy, had takeout because we worked through dinner, and went to work on Saturday afternoon after our 1 or 2 hours of decompression time. Strange how our memories trick us that way. We had forgotten to be thankful for what we have because we were looking at what we didn’t have.

“Three things I don’t miss about Sarasota…tums, curbside, and Nathan working too much.”

So if you ever get frustrated with your life, think about three things.

1.Where are you coming from? Are you forgetting what you’ve walked through to get to this season? Try to remember why you wanted to enter this season in your life in the first place.

2. If it’s really that awful, rest assured it will end before you know it. Then you’ll wonder if it was really that bad.

3. You will probably look back on this season with great memories, so don’t forget to savor the moment you’re in right now, even amidst the mess and stress.


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