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{Engagement} Torise + Cecil, A UGA Engagement

I’ve heard the most gorgeous place on earth is Athens, Georgia in the springtime. Well, it’s been three years since we’ve been home to Georgia and I’ve been looking for an excuse to make the drive at the perfect time of year. Thankfully, Torise and Cecil came along to give us the perfect reason to make the drive!

This sweet couple met at the Georgia Center on the University of Georgia campus in Athens, Georgia. And for those of us who met our sweethearts at UGA, Athens remains a dear place in our hearts.:)We quickly learned that Cecil has a warm heart and a big personality, and Torise is a genuine sweetheart. After slurping down a smoothie on College Avenue in downtown Athens, we headed to the campus in search of the most gorgeous and sentimental places for this couple.


Aren’t they just a gorgeous couple?!!! *sign*

I just loved the stage this vine-covered walkway provided.

Sunlight. Gorgeous people. Perfection.

I just love the satisfaction this photo conveys.

This is such a fun, candid moment; I just had to include it!

We didn’t even need to give this couple any direction, they just knew what to do! It’s like they were in love or something……

Did I mention this girl is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s?!!

Okay, so enough romance. Torise told me that while they are a sweet, romantic couple, they love to laugh and have a great time with each other being fun and silly. There’s more of that coming up later!

Torise and Cecil met each other over a plate of cookies (it’s an amazingly adorable story!), so we had to make sure and include some cookies in their session!

Torise’s engagement ring is dear to hear heart. It was given to Cecil from his mom. His dad passed away fairly recently, and his mom is passing on the entire wedding set to Torise and Cecil. She feels honored to have been bestowed such a sentimental gift. :*)

Okay….so timeout. This photo is not really part of their engagement session collection. But it has an adorable story that I just have to share…. Torise works for Georgia Tech’s (I know, right?!) Parking Department. And part of her job is that she gives out parking tickets on the Georgia Tech campus. Well, when they are on the University of Georgia campus after hours, Cecil has a secret VIP parking spot. I won’t tell you where it is, but I will tell you that his spot is in front of 2 handicap parking spots and a dumpster with a huge “no parking” sign spray painted onto it. Needless to say, Nathan and I found another parking spot! But to top off the story, he’s been parking there for years and has never gotten a parking ticket!!! Let’s hope UGA’s Parking Department isn’t reading our blog. 😉 Okay. Resume engagement session collection.

We had to go downtown for some shots of the Arch on the North Quad.

I just love how Torise and Cecil coordinated their outfits, not only with each other, but to go with their locations.:)

We love shots from the middle of traffic! I just love all the different colors in traffic at sunset!

And we even had a little time to head to the bowling alley! Cecil has been schooling Torise in the ways of bowling…so much so that she showed him a thing or two while we were there! 😉

The bowling alley so graciously turned the lights out on us and fogged the place up *hint of sarcasm* but it wasn’t a worry. We got some really fun photos anyway!

I just love how sometimes the best photos are actually the worst photos. Nathan and I realize you’ve got to have gorgeous photos of your wedding day or family, but we also know you want to remember moments you wouldn’t have remembered otherwise. Moments of joy and pure happiness. That’s why you hire us. Because we get it.:)

 Okay, so earlier I mentioned that Torise and Cecil are a ton of fun with a lot of personality, and they wanted their engagement session photos to reflect that. Torise sent me an email a few days before her session saying she wanted to reinact the way they met in the Georgia Center courtyard. I think the word she used was “corny” but I love the idea!!!! Because it takes a ton of photos to tell a story, I stacked them all together. I’ll give you the basic story so you can follow along.

Torise was late to a dinner her workshop was having at the Georgia Center. They saved a plate for her, but gave her the gross dessert. She remembered some amazing cookies from the day before, so she went on a search for cookies. They only ones left on the serving dish were oatmeal raisin (:P), but she wanted chocolate chip! So, she looked around and saw the loudest guy in the bunch with a plate full of cookies. She asked him for some cookies….and the rest is history! From now on, Cecil will be sharing half his cookies (or the whole cookie jar!!) with Torise.:)

Torise and Cecil were such a pleasure to hang out with! Nathan and I are looking forward to their wedding at the Classic Center and Hotel Indigo in December!


Nathan and Natosha


ToriseB-->Y - April 12, 2012 - 1:04 am

So, my phone started beeping with texts and facebook messages saying, “Your pictures are so beautiful!” I rushed to the nearest computer, and to my surprise, I see the most incredible engagement photos a girl could ever dream of! Nathan and Natosha, these are absolutely beautiful–we are so in love with all of them! We can’t wait to see what develops for the wedding! Thanks a million!

natosha - April 12, 2012 - 3:51 pm

I love it!!! I’m so glad you and your friends are enjoying your engagement session collection! We can’t wait for your wedding, too!

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{Engagement} Melodi + Terrance, A Stone Mountain Engagement

Terrance proposed to Melodi at Stone Mountain. Their proposal has an adorable story behind it. I’ll share the good parts. 😉 Terrance planned to propose to Melodi by building a build-a-bear and giving it to her with the ring. If you haven’t made your own build-a-bear, they’re awesome. (Nathan built one for me while we were dating and I still have it!) They even come with their own birth certificate. Knowing he would have an opportunity to propose on a certain day, Terrance made the bear’s birth certificate for October 8th. That was a day they planned to hang out at Stone Mountain Park for the evening.

Well…let’s just say that things didn’t go as planned that evening, but Terrance knew that the birth certificate said “October 8th” and he knew he didn’t want to have to wait until next October to propose. So, at 11:59pm on October 8th, Terrance gave Melodi the build-a-bear. She said yes, and here we are today.

We had an awesome engagement session at Stone Mountain. The bear did not make an appearance, but we all had a great time hanging out on a gorgeous spring afternoon.

We found some awesome locations while we were at Stone Mountain. This covered bridge was one of them. It had so much character and texture, we couldn’t pass it up!Don’t they have the cutest kisses!

I love it when boys hold girls around the waist.:)And I loooove Melodi’s shoes. A-dor-able!

Speaking of shoes…how about these guys! They’re just a splash of happiness.

Love is in the air!

Nathan had to stand in the bushes to get this photo. It so was worth the bushes.

I spy T hearts M.

So stinkin’ amazing!

Thankfully there were no trains to come by during our session…but we did hear the whistle blow!

Melodi had a blast getting a piggy-back-ride down the granite outcrop.

I just love this photo. You can just feel the breeze blowing and the sun hitting your face. And Melodi and Terrance seem as if they don’t even know we’re there.

This one, too.

And this one makes me think of an ad for perfume or something. Melodi looks so deep in thought.

I just loved their colors for the session. The purple went perfectly with every location we were in!

Our favorite of the day. A timeless photo where you  just feel like we’re spying in on an everyday moment they’re having.

We’re looking forward to Terrance and Melodi’s wedding at the Atrium in November. It’s going to be awesome!


Nathan and Natosha

p.s. If you’re Melodi or Terrance’s friends or family, feel free to leave them some comment love. We’ll send your message on to them.:)

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{Engagement} Lauren + Keishaun, A Little 5 Points Atlanta Engagement


Lauren and Keishaun will be getting married in less than two months in Atlanta, and Nathan and I had the pleasure to hang out with this cool couple a couple of weeks ago. We had a great time hanging out; it didn’t even really feel like a session. We were just hopping around the Inman Park/Old Fourth Ward area hanging out and talking about life. Lauren is a teacher that loves event planning, and Keishaun is creating a film. They met when Keishaun was hired as a substitute DJ for Lauren’s birthday party. It wasn’t long after that they started dating. And that was 7 years ago.

We found this really cool spot in Inman Park (or Freedom Park? We couldn’t decide which park it was actually in….) with a view of the Atlanta skyline. Lauren brought some of her favorite teacher things.

Lauren and Keishaun had an awesome sense of humor. She pretended to mark in the “sometimes” on the “Do you like me?” chalkboard. I think after dating for 7 years you are entitled to a little “sometimes.” 😉

Lauren had some of the sweetest expressions, like this one when Keishaun gave her a kiss on the neck. So sweet!

Aren’t they a gorgeous couple?!

We didn’t even tell Keishaun to look up at Lauren so adoringly. He just did it naturally.:)

Lauren’s ring is just breathtaking!!! Great job Keishaun!

I think she was teaching him where pollen comes from. It was one of the record-braking days for pollen.

They had an awesome time hanging out and chatting in the park. They laughed and giggled at each other the whole time.

Like this time….

I love the casual and lazy feeling they’ve got going on here. They said it felt like taking a nap, and I think we caught Keishaun snoozin’ one time.

We made it to the downtown skyline just in time for sunset. We tried out some new cool lighting on them, and thought it looked pretty cool.:)

You’ve got to have a kiss at sunset!

Did I mention we had a great time?

Doesn’t she look gorgeous?! And he looks like a stud!

Chris at Criminal Records let us come in and hang out a few minutes before closing. It was awesome!!!

Lauren and Keishaun’s first date was at a record store, so these photos were extra sentimental. Thanks, Chris!

We can’t wait for your wedding, Lauren and Keishaun! Congratulations again!


Nathan and Natosha

{Engagement Preview} Lauren + Keishaun, A Little 5 Points Engagement Session

We’ve got a ton of exciting things going on this month! Not only is our schedule packed full of awesome couples and engagement sessions, but we’ve been working on a little surprise I think you’re going to like. You can head on over to Facebook to see a sneak peek of our spring surprise. *hint: you’ll want to change your bookmarks!* There’s also a hint of it in this post, too. 😉

For now, though, let me just post a few of my favorites from our most recent engagement session with Lauren and Keishaun. It’s a preview, as we haven’t delivered the full set to our lovely couple yet. They will be receiving the full set soon, and I’ll post their story to go with it then, too.


Aren’t they Gorgeous!

Lauren’s ring is amazing and her nails are perfect!!!

We found an awesome spot in Inman Park or Freedom Park (we couldn’t tell where one stopped and the other started) with a view of the Atlanta skyline, but really all we needed was our sweet couple.

Then we really went to our secret spot to get some cool views of the Atlanta skyline around sunset. I love how the light fills this photo.


This couple is as cute as a button!

There we go. A little drama and a skyline silhouette. Don’t they look great together?

There are two stories behind the Little 5 Points record store. I’ll divulge those later. 😉

I’ll be back with way more details and our exciting news soon!!!




{Alabama Baby Photography} Katelyn

Nathan and I always dream of growing old together. What he didn’t know was that I planned to bring our photography clients right along with us for the ride! 😛

But…with all kidding aside, Nathan and I are honored to have the most amazing clients in this whole world. Some of them have even publicly proclaimed that they actually want us to stick around long after the wedding is over! Anne and Brad are some of those clients that we are looking forward to “growing old’ with. Brad has a farm in Alabama where we had their engagement session in 2010 (has it really been that long?!!). Since that time, they had their west Georgia wedding and had a gorgeous baby girl, Katelyn. When we showed up for Katelyn’s session, we got right to work before the sweet girl got tired.

After her session, we (the grownups) had an awesome time rocking on their front porch talking about life and the wonderful thing called marriage with all its ups and downs.:)We had a ton of laughs and a much needed moment to enjoy great company and life in its simplicity.


Look at those two tiny teeth and adorable smile!

Her skin was creamy soft.


She loved watching her mom hold the blanket.

What Anne and Brad didn’t know about their sweet baby girl was that she loved getting her photograph made.

Can you believe her? Already asking for the keys to the car. Brad is going to have a hard time saying “no” to that face!

And like most babies, she loves showing off all four cheeks!

This might look like a blanket, but it’s actually Anne’s gorgeous jacket she wore at their wedding.

Katelyn’s dress was handmade from a friend.

Since she’s going to be a cowgirl one day, we headed out to the barn for a few minutes. I think she was ready for a nap.

I can already tell Anne is a great mommie.

Are you yawning right now?

Love this moment. I am so glad we could be there to capture this moment for our sweet friends.

 Congratulations on your adorable baby girl, Anne and Brad!

Now, after all those sweet sleep photographs, I’m off to take a nap. 😉



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